MACH-Roll Range

MACH Roll Range

At Clarence Jones Machinery we are delighted toa supplier of items from the Mach Roll ESR, SRG and SRD ranges. The variety of bending rollers we have to offer means finding an option ideal for your needs is simple, no matter how large or small the material you need to process may be.

Products in the ESR range are mainly designed for use on material between 3 to 4.5mm thick with different powered motors relevant to each level of thickness and maximum rolling width. Our SRG and SRD pinch bending rollers are all hand operated by contrast and provide a more lightweight option more suited to home use.      

Quality Guaranteed

Everything in our Mach roll range comes with a 12 month warranty as we’re convinced by the quality of each product. The ESR models offer a robust option designed to deal with thicker material, hence their chunkier appearance. Emergency stop trip wires, cone rolling and digital positioning of the bending roller are just some of their excellent features.

Geared and ungeared operation is possible with bending rollers from our SRG and SRD hand operated ranges. A slimmer yet still fairly heavy duty design ensures they can withstand thicker material with a top roll to slip too. Different sizes for many of the two roll SRG models are available, all with a top class finish, while the three roll SRD bending rollers feature a taper rear roll facility.     

Convenient Choice

Unbeatable prices are provided on everything in our Mach roll range that is for sale. This provides great value, especially considering we only stock sheet metal machinery from the best brands around. With over 40 years working in the industry we have built up great relationships and a fantastic reputation, so you’re in safe hands.

Remove the difficulty of searching numerous places for the bending roller you desire by having a browse through our listings. Whether you’re looking to bend sheet metal or cylinders, our Mach roll range should be the first place you look. When you’ve found what you’re after get in touch for more information or to place an order as soon as you’re ready.