UZMA Range

Drocessed using the many different models in our collection of Sahinler machines. Durable designs with steel welded main frames ensures these products are all strong and reliable, using some of the most innovative and efficient designs in the industry. We work closely with our suppliers when importing many of our newest stock from Europe to guarantee the finest quality for you.       

Varied Choice

Over 40 different Sahinler models are available through our website. Motorised and hand operated machines are for sale, with a single gear-box that powers two or three rolls depending on the model you choose to create an efficient process with each of our rollers. Each model contains different features which all contribute towards finding the most appropriate one for your needs.

Mobile control panels and foot pedals make using many of these machines safe and easy to accurately control, especially given they have all been constructed according to EC safety directives. Different sized machines are designed for use with varying levels of material, with options for small workshops to large scale industrial businesses all available. Four or more different sizes for each model in our range provides numerous choice in both hand operated and motorised versions.

Affordable Options

Whether your old model has finally given up and you’re in need of a fresh power bending roller for your business or just seeking a new one for personal use, there’s the right option to be found somewhere in our UZMA range. Precision bending with a brake motor, conical bending device and top roll support systems are just some of the quality features of our models.

Everything is available at attractive prices from such a prestigious brand that is hard to find elsewhere. Avoid the hassle of importing yourself or trekking round places by browsing our selection and ordering your new UZMA roller today.