UZMA IR model 1050 x 75 power bending rollers 2mm

3 Rolls Motorized and Manual Plate Bending Machines

This mechanical model is designed for light to:

  • Medium jobs - It is used in jobs up to 2 mm
  • Thickness materials - It is used in Aluminium
  • Bendings - Air conditioning channels, Advertising
  • Panels and machinery sheet metal covers - It's ideal
  • Price makes it very attractive for small workshops

Technical Specifications and Standard Accessories

  • Two rolls powered by a single-gearbox and gear 
    system (IR models)
  • SAE 1050 quality certificated steel rolls with high tensile strength
  • Cast iron main frames
  • Mobile control panel by foot pedal on IR models
  • Conical bending device
  • Precision bending with brake motor on IR models
  • Built according to EC Safety Directives (CE mark)
  • Users manual

Optional Equipment

  • Induction hardened rolls