UZMA HSB Swing Beam Guillotine

HSB Line

HSB swing beam shears has Steel constructed  frame with the usage of rigid structural Steel, and by design construction ,machine provides  reliable, fast and accurate shearing. The one piece welded frame is machined at one time on a CNC moving column machining center, the upper beam (swing beam) has a very rigid box frame Steel construction and this allows the rake a angle of the upper blade to be at very low level, this is the point for reducing distortion in the sheared part.  As Standard on UZMA HSB shears, back gauge bar swings with the cutting beam to prevent material from jamming and additionally to feed longer sheets, the back gauge bar swings up automatically after the travel of the back gauge to the end position.  UZMA HSB Line swing beam shears has two  series, HSB-E Series (Economical)  and HSB Series (Standard). HSB Standard Series are the fully hydraulic, heavy duty models and HSB-E Series are the lighter version models with spring system cutting beam return movement.

HSB-E Line

● CNC Control - Cybelec CybTouch 6 (color-touch screen)

● CNC Controlled cutting length (stroke) adjustment 

● CNC Controlled back gauge adjustment

● Fixed Control Panel

● Automatic calculations of cutting functions upon material specifications

● Automatic swing-up backgauge

● 1m flip-up openable finger guard with switch protection

● Manual Blade gap adjustment


● Back side protection panels & Rear light barrier

● Rear Sheet sliding plates

● Shadow line illumination

● Squaring arm with Ruler & T-Slot & Tilting stop

● Support arms with Ruler & T-Slot & Tilting stop 

● Ball Transfer Tables