Machfold E21 Hydraulic Downstroking Press Brake


MachFold  E21  Hydraulic Down-stroking Press Brake now fitted with

Fiessler Laser Guarding ,
Fiessler Safety Module
Ball Screw Back stop
Adjustable front support Arms


  • Front Adjustable Sheet Support Arms
  • Pendant Control panel
  • Hydraulic and Electrical overload protection
  • Movable Foot Pedal Control
  • ATOS hydraulic system
  • CE conformity including Laser Guarding & Side and Rear Mechanical Safety 
  • Pendant Control panel
  • Guards with interlock switches
  • All steel welded mono-block construction ensuring minimum deflection under load
  • Adjustable Mechanical Cams to set the Upper Position & Work Speed Change Point
  • Motorised Ram Stroke Control incorporating precision Mechanical Depth-Stops and adjustable via means of +/- push buttons
  • Solid Mechanical Torque Bar assuring parallelism and repeatability
  • Motorised Backgauge with Tiltable Fingerstops
    Ball screw for backgauge assembly
  • Selector switch for Single or Auto Cycle Operation of the Beam
  • Dwell Time Adjustment
  • Gauge and Adjustable Pressure switch allowing simple control of tonnage settings
  • Intermediate Clamping for Euro/System Top Tooling
  • Bottom Multi vee/ or euro style
  • Full Top Euro tooling
  • with Fiessler Laser protection
    Fiessler Safety Module
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty

Download booklet

Press Brake options

Options-CE Press Brake.pdf