UZMA A Series

UZMA synchro CNC pressbrakes has accurate positioning and repeatability performance, achieved by synchronising the hydraulic cylinders advanced CNC control of proportional valves and use of optic linear scales. At CAP series pressbrakes, full electronic synchronisation with propotional valve technology assuring maximum bend accurancy and repetability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelisim by a CNC cystem. UZMA CAP synchro CNC pressbrakes has five series, B-Series (Basic), E-Series (Economic), S-series (Standart), A-Series (Advanced) and Hybrid-Series. The CAP Line Pressbrakes are available from simple basic series to high equipped advanced series which can be configurated up to eleven axis. UZMA synchro CNC pressbrakes are calculating and performing facilities after inputing datas like material, thickness, bend length, etc., to the CNC control unit. Calibration of cylinders axes and back gauge, maintained by automatic indexing at the start of CAP series pressbrakes.

● Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2 Axis & C-Axis (Crowning)

● Delem DA-66T 2D Graphical CNC touch screen control unit with 3D visualisation feature and Profile Lite T2D offline software

● Fiesler AKAS Front Laser Safety System

● Pendant control panel

● Servo Motorised 4 Axis Backgauge

● Heidenhain Linear Scales


● European (Promecam) Quick Release top tool clamping system

● CNC Table Crowning System with wedges

● Back Light barrier

● Switched Side protection panels for safety

● Linear sliding front support arms

● High Stroke, High Daylight and High Speed