UZMA Section rollers

Sahinler Section Roll Range

Easily bend various types and sizes of metal into your desired shapes with one of our fantastic Sahinler section rollers. Motorised and hydraulic models are available with different power levels to deal with tougher material. Our varied range provides the ideal option whatever your needs may be, whether for work purposes or use on a personal project or two.

With over forty years in the industry supplying new and used sheet metal and fabrication machinery to our customers, we have built up some great working relationships. All of our Sahinler section rollers are imported from Turkey’s finest manufacturers of such esteemed products, guaranteeing top class quality with every item of theirs we have for sale.     

Quality Features  

The more powerful, hydraulic section rollers we have available all come with three rolls powered, whereas the slightly less powerful options feature two powered and one hand operated roll. Many can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions, making it more convenient for you to achieve the required result when processing different materials.

Each of our Sahinler section rollers is crafted out of high quality steel, ensuring it can withstand even the heaviest of tasks. Hardened ground shafts and rolls along with standard and guide rollers on all models further demonstrate their durability. Foot pedals are included with each product to increase your safety when using the section roller, while certain models have a mobile control panel and digital read out that makes achieving an accurate result easier than ever.

Order Today

All of our Sahinler section rollers provide the perfect choice with pipe, tubing, profile and angle bending rolls included as special features. Whatever capacity of material you need to work on at least one of the options we have available will be more than up to the job.

Each one is constructed from some of the best materials by experts who have been working in the industry for decades. Browse our selection online and feel free to get in contact if you require any further information. Otherwise just place your order today and we’ll have your new Sahinler section roller with you in no time.