Kingsland Compact Range 40ton - 60 ton

Kingsland Compact Range 40-60 ton

At Clarence Jones Machinery we have a great range of Kingsland compact steelworkers with 40, 45 and 60 ton versions available. Each one is among the world’s finest hydraulic steelworkers, with the compact 40 presenting four different workstations and the compact 45 and 60 having five. This makes them a versatile option for undertaking and completing all manner of tasks from cutting to punching material.

Like a giant Swiss army knife, but suitable for dealing with much stronger and larger material, all of these compact steelworkers are manufactured by one of the industry’s leading brands. Whichever option you choose you’ll be hard pushed to find a more compact steelworker that can deal with such large capacities so efficiently.

Long-lasting Machines

As one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of such machines we are proud to stock a variety of their products, all of which guarantee quality and a long-lasting lifespan. Designed and constructed by experts who have developed steelworkers for decades, these all offer a punch, section cutting, angle and shearing station, with a notching station included with the 45 and 60 ton versions too.

A heavy duty support table is fitted to every one which helps deliver accurate results when feeding the material for any of the applications. Cropping round and square bars is possible with the appropriate blades supplied and optional ones for cutting U, I, T and other specific profiles. Sheet metal, flat bar and angle iron can all be punched up to 38mm with a large hole attachment for up to 57mm available.  

Affordable Steelworkers

All of our Kingsland compact machinery is on sale at the best possible price for products with such a high reputation. A cost-effective and popular investment as it will last for years and offers a range of different purposes, it is incredibly useful for use in many businesses and workshops. Plus, they’re fitted with centralised pressure lubrication which means they all have low maintenance requirements.

Adjustable holddowns ensure a safe and accurate production; all that’s needed is plenty of room and an electrical socket to get started. Decide what maximum capacity you’ll need and contact us for more information and to order today.