Kingsland Multi range 60 ton - 175ton

Kingsland Multi Range 60-175 ton

Our range of Kingsland multi five station steelworkers are some of the best on the market. As an established designer and manufacturer of universal steel and ironworkers for over 60 years now, Kingsland have been producing the most reliable and long-lasting machines around. We have an extensive collection which offers solutions for working with the heaviest material.

The five stations included are a punch, section cutting, angle, notching and shearing station, with our selection able to cater for material between 60 and 175 tonnes. This makes undertaking a range of different tasks with just one machine possible. Each one is supplied with standard tooling with no extra equipment required to get started.

Hydraulic Power

Two shielded foot pedals operate the hydraulic systems, one for the punch end cylinder and the other for the shear end cylinder, which powers the three shear and notch stations. Along with fitted comprehensive safety guards, this provides a safe way to operate the steelworker as it is possible to be stopped in any working position to reduce risks.

Both ends of each machine feature limit switches which control stroke length at all stations while the hydraulic systems provide accurate power inching for each one too. Safety and accuracy are important for such a powerful steelworker which is why Kingsland have advanced their control measures for each of these top quality, multi range machines. Whether trimming a small piece of steel or punching into a large sheet of metal, you’ll feel safe and in control with anything from our Kingsland multi range collection. 

Low Maintenance

As a free standing machine all that’s required to get set up and started is enough floor space and a nearby power socket to connect to an electrical supply. Centralised lubrication is metered by a one-shot system, making each one of these steelworkers an incredibly low maintenance machine. Optional production packs to increase the machine specification are available too.

Avoid the hassle of traipsing round numerous places to find your ideal five station steelworker by browsing our selection online. Call or email us for more information about any of our products or to place your order today