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Used sheet Metal Rollers for Sale


Save money and still pick up some top quality machinery with the used sheet metal rollers for sale here at Clarence Jones. Various sizes, styles and brands of sheet rollers are all available to suit a number of different industrial purposes.

Reduce the thickness of all sorts of metal stock and make it an even size the whole way through with any of the used sheet metal rollers for sale. Some are almost as good as new, while others have been doing a great job for a few years. Each one is guaranteed to work well for your business, no matter what its age.

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Hand and Power Sheet Metal Rollers

Both hand and power sheet metal rollers are available, so you can find an option whether you need a manual or electrically powered machine. Powered sheet metal rollers all come with a foot pedal control, forward and reverse options, while the manual machines feature a solid handle for reliable use.

Machines with a rolling length capacity of anywhere between 600 to 4000mm and rolling thickness capacity of 1 to 25mm are all supplied. Plus, we have machines courtesy of a great range of industry leading brands, including Morgan, Edwards, Walton and many more.

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Browse the collection of used sheet metal rollers for sale. When you’ve found an option that fits, simply give one of our team a call or send us an email for further information or to make a purchase. Our friendly team will help sort you out.