Nargesa MT150 R

Nargesa MT150 R

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Twisting Machine MT150 Twisting Machine Nargesa MT150, with a piece programmer, makes all kind of pieces for the ornamental forging,balustrades, scrolls, etc... Maximum twisting capacity: square 20mm, Max. bending capacity: square 16mm. Working method by twisting and flexing in COLD. Machine suitable for small and medium production. Safe and reliable transmission by a mmotor reducer with flat treated pinions, achieving a remarkable performance ans least maintenance. Perfect for making all kinds of ornamental standard parts and essential to make our own designs, a lot more demanded in the market. The pieces requested by architects, technicians and final customers, make it a very important tooling in a blacksmith workshop. In order to make this kind of special job, Nargesa provides the user with the fitting plates, under request, so the very customer can make his own designs himself. The twisting machine Nargesa MT150A is equipped with a complete set of standard tooling, by means of which the user can make a great deal of shapes: twisted, scrolls, bendings, hooks, chains,... (More information in STANDARD TOOLING at the bottom of this page). There is also the possibility of buying optional tooling: Belly top railing tooling, British rail, flat ben rings, decorative baskets... (More information in OPTIONAL TOOLING at the bottom of this page) The difference between the scroll make MT150R and MT150A is that this latter has got an NC that enables it to make bigger productions. Technical features Max. twisting capacity 20mm or 3/4" inch. Max. bending capacity 16mm or 5/8" inch. Max twisting and bending capacity in flat bar, handrail 35X10mm or 1 1/4"X3/8" inch. Possibility of buying the tooling for the machine in mm or inches. Max. continuous scrolling length 960mm. Engine power: 0,37Kw / 0,5 HP. CNC programmer to repeat series, piece counter, automatic unbolt, memories... Adjustable millimeter scale on its head to make all parts the same. Electric panel command with double button, right and left , which makes it a very easy handling machine. 3-phased tension: 230/400 V. For single phased machines please ask quotation. Rotary speed: 4 RPM. Lower bench palletized to move the machine easily to the working site or storage. The machine is delivered completely mounted. Packaging with fumigated wooden pallet NIMF 15 and a 3-layered cardboard box suitable for sea freight. Optional complete wooden packing NIMF15. Its robustness, versatility and easy handling condition turn it into one of the best machines for an ornamental blacksmith workshop. All our products are manufactured in our facilities in Spain. Electric and hydraulic components are completely standard and from the best European leading trademarks with technical support all over the world: Rexroth, Bosch, Roquet, Schneider Electric, LG, Telemecanique, Pizzato


ModelMT150 R
twisting capacity20mm
Flat Bar twisting35mm x 10mm
Scrolling40mm x 10mm
Flat Bar Bending40mm x 10mm